Live Review: Juice at Gramercy Theater in New York

Material: Formed while undergrads at Boston College, this diverse group of musicians weave their own brand of pop, rock, R&B and rap
into a tapestry that offers both hooky choruses and rhythms that reel you in. As much as the industry counts on comparisons for a sure bet, this band is hard to compare or pigeonhole. They are proof that good material and performance skills can go a long way.

In “Audrey Tell Me,” a pop/R&B number with an infectious chorus, we hear about a lover on shaky ground in a relationship: Audrey tell me, tell me I'm your favorite guy/Audrey tell me, tell me can I go for a ride/In your pink E-30, drivin’ down the 405/Audrey tell me, tell me Audrey is that alright. The song touches upon vulnerability from the male perspective without being overly sentimental. In “Dave (Turn The Music Down),” a political statement serves as a metaphor
for the status quo: Shut the hell up with the awful music/You’re a thorn in the side of this institution.../Knock knock turn the music down.

Musicianship: Seven players, all proficient, with three alternating lead vocalists, make for a rich and variable sound. Adding a twist, the electric violin, which Christian Rose uses intermittently, adds an unexpected flavor to the mix, pushing the sonic limits even further. All harmonies are spot on, resulting in a seamless blend.

Performance: The band had the benefit
of great audio and lighting at this venue, enhancing an already solid performance. Switching vocalists along with a varied set
list perhaps doesn’t lend itself to one angle
 of marketing, but goes a long way in a live setting. The show was completely sold out and it was difficult moving through the throngs of enraptured fans.

Summary: The high spirited and synergistic Juice not only puts on a good show, but mixes it up, melding different story lines and musical feels so that your interest never dips. They are well seasoned for a young group, and so far, with a fan base already in tow, will most likely continue to expand their following.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: itstimeforjuice.com

Players: Ben Stevens, vocals; Kamau Burton, acoustic guitar, vocals; Michael Ricciardulli, guitar; Daniel Moss, guitar; Rami-El Abidin, bass; Miles Clyatt, drums; Christian Rose, violin, vocals