Create Music Group Releases New Free Mobile App SPLITS

Create Music Group, one of the fastest-growing independent full-service music companies in the world, has unveiled a new free mobile app which aims to eliminate songwriting disputes between writers, producers and artists. SPLITS, the free app, which Create has been testing in the App Store since early this year, is available for download Here.

What Does It Do?

SPLITS makes it possible for songwriters to generate a split agreement - the document music publishers use to clarify individual contributions to a song. SPLITS accomplishes this elegantly, simply and with just a few clicks from a smartphone.

“In the three years that we’ve been working with songwriters and artists, we’ve had to deal with thousands of tracks where the songwriting credits were either incomplete or where there were disputes which ultimately resulted in less royalties for everyone involved,” said Create Music Group co-founder Alexandre Williams, who came up with the idea for SPLITS.

“We’re introducing SPLITS to the creative community as an easy, non confrontational way for creatives to agree upon songwriting contributions at the time of creation, all with just a few clicks right from the screen they spend the most time on everyday -- their phones.”

SPLITS accomplishes in just a few minutes which is currently being done with pen, paper and fax (!) or the U.S. Postal Service.

How Does It Work?


SPLITS App. - Courtesy photo

To create a SPLITS agreement a writer simply has to:

  1. Open the SPLITS app and create a new agreement
  2. Add collaborators
  3. Set their contribution percentage
  4. SPLITS will automatically send a notice to the writer’s collaborators along with a snippet of the song.
  5. If the collaborators agree they just click “agree.”  If they don’t they make adjustments.
  6. Once all parties agree, the Splits Agreement is sent to the writers’ publishers with an email to each collaborator.

The creative community has been testing SPLITS for the last several months and is already embracing the app.

“The opportunity provided to writers through SPLITS to deal with publishing from anywhere, anytime right from their phones is a game changer,” says PittThaKid, a producer who has worked with Jaden Smith, 2 Chainz, Schoolboy Qand others.

“Major respect to Create Music Group for making such an important & innovative app.”

Hit producer GooseTheGuru (Trippie Redd, Lil Skies, Chris Travis) says, “Man, if only there were something like SPLITS available back when I was coming up, I would probably have gotten credit on a lot more records by having this tool in my arsenal. This is a powerful tool for songwriters, producers and artists to deal with songwriting splits right in the studio and avoid headaches later on.”

Other successful writers using Splits include: C4, Young Chop, Chase the Money, C Note, Sonny Digital, Chop Squad DJ and Roccstar.

Create Music Group, who built the leading SAAS platform for rights management in the YouTube space, collecting for artists and labels in excess of $60 Million in royalties over the last year, entered the full-service distribution business in 2016 with the acquisition of the independent distributor Label Engine. Their company distribution customarily pays out revenue within 48 hours of receiving it from retail accounts, a practice that is virtually unheard of in the music industry.

The company launched a full service music publishing division last fall, counting breakthrough rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine among their first signings.