New Toys: VocoPro SmartOke-ProNew Toys:

VocoPro's SmartOke-Pro is a karaoke receiver/mixer with two wireless handheld microphones and the PV-Wedge-II 100-watt 2.1 channel powered floor wedge monitor with stereo sound and sub-woofer. Everything you'll need to have a blast getting into the fun!

The system starts with a wireless microphone receiver/mixer that connects to an Internet-connected Smart TV via its optical output digital output using either the included fiber optic cable or the analog RCA/Mini jack cables. You may also just stream wirelessly via Bluetooth from a cell phone, tablet or laptop.

There are thousands of songs on YouTube and/or any of your favorite karaoke apps—all songs are there with lyrics in sync with these backing tracks.

A real party-starter, you can sound like a vocal star through the included monitor speaker with stereo vocal effects. Great for duets the two included wireless microphones easily allow you to create club/bar-like karaoke sound and have remote control over the mix. There is an Aux in for connecting a CD/DVD player for playing any stereo audio source such as your own music tracks for rehearsal.

I set up and connected the receiver and powered speaker just beneath the table for my LG 55-inch TV. YouTube.com (among others) has karaoke videos with lyrics in sync with realistic-sounding backing tracks. Most songs have beautiful visual background effects and you can join a whole community of professional and amateur karaoke singers.

I liked that the receiver has a microphone output (only) to connect to a bigger PA system or use it for recording your vocal only. The receiver has a stereo output that can drive other powered stereo monitors. 

There are four audio modes to accommodate any karaoke production methods. VocoPro's SmartOke-Pro makes a great and easy way to buy the entire karaoke "rig" in one integrated package. I use it for singers to rehearse their vocals when recording at my studio; it is the best and least expensive way for non-technical people to get into karaoke. VocoPro’s SmartOke-Pro sells for $459 MSRP.