New Toys: Gamma Series Atlas Boosted Overdrive Pedal 

The Gamma Series Atlas Boosted Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal has a tube amp-style overdrive with controls for Level, Tone and Drive. The Boost toggle switch will then bring in additional low frequencies and more high frequency cut to offer two distinctively different tube amp overdrive sounds. This pedal is designed to preserve the guitarist’s dynamics and articulation with volume, tone and pickup changes easily heard and not “washed out.”

The Atlas features straight ahead design and operation, a stunning metal-flake paint job covering a heavy-duty/rugged full-sized metal chassis. The metal knobs bring it all home for me as a rugged, road-worthy piece.

It is powered from either an internal 9-volt battery (50-hours run time) or 9-volt DC power supply and can be used as a standalone pedal or part of a pedal board rig. Other features include: both a mono audio input and output and it has a buffered bypass mode for consistent level and tone in any setup.

The newest in the Gamma Series—the Atlas Boosted Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal measures 4.59” (D) x 2.75” (W) x 2.19” (H) and sells for $79.99 MAP.