Album Review: "La Conquista del Espacio" by Fito Paez (8/10)

Sony Music

Producer: Fito Paez

La Conquista del Espacio is the 24th studio album release by Fito Paez. When the 36-year music veteran howls “La Conquista del Espacio” during the chorus section of the opening track, it feels like he’s conducting an audiovisual adventure of symphonic metal, Latin rock and orchestral music for his listeners. He even sprinkled in a blues-based rock song called “Las Cosas Que Me Hacen Bien,” as a fun-loving detour from the sound of classical music. Another standout track from this eclectic LP is a wild love song, “Nadie Es de Nadie.” This composition is a mixture of heartland rock and jazz fusion. And it’s one of many pleasing aspects of this well-rounded album.