Live Review: A.Chal at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

Material: Originally from Peru, singer-songwriter Alejandro Chal, better known as A.CHAL, relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. In 2013, he released his debut EP, Ballroom Riots, which was met with some success. Two years later, A.CHAL reinvented himself with the chill yet slick “Round Whippin,” which was too met with good reception, especially from other artists including Drake and A$AP Rocky.

Musicianship: A.CHAL’s music is a unique combination of R&B, hip-hop, chillwave, and pop with a twist of dark undertones. His new project, ON GAZ, is a hazy yet soulful 11 track album that highlights his variety. For example, the wavy, bouncy “Love N Hennessy” has an infectious chorus that reminds the listener of acts such as PartyNextDoor and the Weeknd while the chill anthem “Matrix” sets you in a speeding sports car in the middle of the night.

Performance: Performing on his home turf, A.CHAL did not spare any enthusiasm with his energized performance. Quickly setting the mood, the suave performer started the night off with the hit single “Round Whippin,” which was met with well-deserved excitement. As the night continued, there was no doubt that A.CHAL understands his fans as he continuously found ways to keep energies high in the Roxy. For example, with “Matrix,” he engaged his fans with a contest to see which area of the venue could sing the loudest, then went into a hyperactive frenzy during the performance of “To the Light.” The night ended on a good note with a passionate performance of “Love N Hennessy,” followed by a demanded encore performance of “GAZI.” It is safe to say fans were not disappointed.

Summary: Overall, it was a fun experience watching A.CHAL perform. He clearly understands how to control the energy of the audience as he constantly interacts with them, keeping them engaged. His passion and enthusiasm for the art is evident in his performance, which translates into a more captivating show. It is safe to say A.CHAL has proved that he has what it takes to become a star.

The Players: A.CHAL (Alejandro Chal), vocals; Wiss Ghorayeb, guitar.

Photo by Don Q. Dao

Venue: The Roxy
City: Los Angeles
Contact: [email protected]
Web: gazi.world