New Toys: Groovetech Mini-Multi GTMM2

The GrooveTech Mini-Multi is their latest and the world’s smallest multi-tool and also my favorite! It easily fits in my pocket—it also could be part of my keychain it is so compact. This Mini-Multi consolidates fourteen tools into a body that’s less than three inches long. You get eight hex wrenches, four screwdrivers, a precision ruler (for measuring action and pickup heights) and most important, a bottle opener.

The Mini-Multi concentrates on adjusting action, tremolo systems, intonation, pickup height, and other tweaks that can come up while you’re playing. It is great for everything except truss rods. Truss rod adjustments come from GrooveTech’s GTMLT1 multi-tool that handles five truss rod sizes in a slightly larger format.

The Mini-Multi GTMM2 has hex wrench sizes in both metric and inch for use on most makes and models of guitars and basses. All tools are pro-grade and made to precision tolerances.

The Mini-Multi GTMM2 sells for $11.95 and is available now.