#FollowTheFrog campaign Martin Guitar

Martin Guitar Joins #FollowTheFrog Campaign

To raise awareness on the importance of sustainable wood sourcing, Martin Guitar has announced it is teaming up with the Rainforest Alliance on a public engagement campaign, #FollowTheFrog. The multi-phase campaign will use Martin’s social media platforms, Martin Ambassador James Valentine of Maroon 5 and public events to drive attention to Martin’s longstanding commitment to the environment and its collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance for over two decades to protect precious forests through the practices of responsible forest management.

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The multi-faceted Martin Guitar activities kick off the next Rainforest Alliance annual Follow the Frog campaign, which engages companies and consumers in the sustainability mission and communicates the positive impact of products that carry the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal. Martin Guitar has begun its engagement with #FollowTheFrog and will launch the second phase in early 2017, when the Rainforest Alliance will commence its 30th anniversary year with full global Follow the Frog activation.

As part of the campaign, Martin will chronicle the manufacturing of a guitar, certified by the Rainforest Alliance for meeting the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). FSC-certified guitars must comply with the social and environmental standards on the market, including using woods from forests where ecosystems, wildlife and communities are protected.

Martin Guitar’s multiple social media platforms and corporate website will allow people to #FollowTheFrog throughout the journey of the instrument’s production, from conception to the final stage of adorning it with the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal, featuring the organization’s tree frog inside the guitar.

When ready in early 2017, the finished guitar will be given to Martin Ambassador Valentine, lead guitarist of the Multiplatinum rock band Maroon 5, who will lead Phase 2 of the Martin Guitar #FollowTheFrog campaign, which will serve as a key element of the global Rainforest Alliance Follow the Frog campaign.

“Martin has been deeply committed to environmental responsibility in a variety of ways for many decades, but as the world’s premiere manufacturer of acoustic guitars, wood sustainability is of particular concern for us,” said Chris Martin IV, Chairman and CEO, Martin Guitar. “It’s important to us and it’s important to our customers that we operate in a way that ensures we will have healthy forests around the world for many generations to come. We’re proud to team up with an organization as respected as the Rainforest Alliance to help us continue to achieve this mission.”

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“By working with collaborating companies like Martin Guitar, who share our vision, we are able to promote the responsible management of forests to benefit communities, wildlife and the environment,” said Nigel Sizer, President of the Rainforest Alliance. “The Martin Guitar #FollowTheFrog campaign is a wonderful way for people to get an inside look at what it really means to source wood responsibly in a way that helps people and the planet. With the global challenges of climate change and deforestation we currently face, sustainable wood sourcing has never been more important.”

The first phase of the campaign will feature special messaging on both Martin Guitar’s and the Rainforest Alliance’s digital platforms, as well as informational booths hosted by the Rainforest Alliance and Martin Guitar at key music festivals.

To learn more about the campaign, visit martinguitar.com/followthefrog.