New Toys: Empirical Labs Arousor Rev 3 Plugin

Arousor Rev 3 is the newest version of Arousor that builds on emulations of the tonal possibilities of Empirical Labs’ Distressor hardware counterpart. There are now two opto compression modes, as well as two additional ratio choices: 6:5:1 and 7:1. Arousor Rev 3 is a free update to all Arousor owners and does not lose its backward compatibility with sessions using the previous version.

Like the Distressor, the Arousor Rev 3 plugin emulates many classic transistorized, tube, and VCA-based compressors and adds features many engineers could only dreamed of for those vintage units.

Immediately noticeable good things are the resizable GUI and the new orange-colored buttons for the Opto A and B compression modes allowing the “Opto circuitry” emulation to any ratio and many other settings to closely emulate the Teletronix LA-2A compressors.

Arousor owners will notice orange indicators showing the attack and release times of the selected Opto mode. Furthermore in these Opto modes you will notice orange texts with parameter settings of: Det HP (side-chain filter), Sidechain parametric EQ, and both the 2nd Harmonic and Saturation controls in the Soft Clipping section.

Arousor Rev 3 now has 12 ratio settings from: 1:1 to “Rivet” and includes a secondary layer in the Soft Clipping section using its “e” button. An awesome and musical feature is the new Wet/Dry Mix knob that has also has an “e” button to access the Dry Level Trim. This is great for percussion compression to get just right the “spank” yet retain clarity!

Arousor Rev 3 is available for purchase as an AAX and AAX-DSP, AU, VST2/3 for MacOS (10.7 or higher) and Windows PCs (7 or higher) for $199 MSRP download. I’m very excited to add this extremely versatile tone shaper to my AAX-DSP plugin collection for use in large Dolby ATMOS mixing work!