New Toys: Eastwest Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition

Opus Edition expands EW’s Hollywood Orchestra with new recordings, re-programmed original content, and powerful new features made possible by way of the new OPUS engine/player. The new GUI is clean and easy to navigate and the sounds are updated to sound more modern and open. Opus is faster and features individual instrument downloads, playing instruments while they’re still loading, and new effects for the mixer page. There is complete customization for each instrument.

There are master key-switches where all articulations are available from the articulation palette and the new MOODS feature allows for Classic, Soft or Epic Moods stylized for EW’s Hollywood Strings, Brass, Orchestral Woodwinds and Percussion, Solo Violin, Solo Cello, and Harp collections.

We found the option to quickly change moods is a big time saver. For our test trailer project, the classic setting was our preferred choice. However, while some of the patches in epic Mood “pack” an instant punch, if required, others used too much of a stereo widening effect.

For a Hollywood-sounding score, most presets work seamlessly as they are and play well with each other. A personal favorite is to use this warm and polished sound with contrasting modern/hybrid sounds.

Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, the new recordings include a new 18 violin string section for Hollywood Strings, new ensembles for Hollywood Brass and Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds, plus new string, brass, and wind multi-ensembles.

Its companion, Hollywood Orchestrator, is a time saving tool for composers “to achieve that Hollywood blockbuster sound within seconds. The patterns and presets are both a time saver and a good guide for the less experienced composer to get a sense of good instrument combinations and other orchestration conventions. With Hollywood Orchestrator you can create: real time arrangements and build rhythms and scores with the Step Editor.

All ComposerCloud members will get instant access to Hollywood Orchestra/Orchestrator as well as the OPUS software engine. EastWest is offering a 50% discount off prepaid annual ComposerCloud Plus memberships.

EastWest Hollywood Opus Edition sells for $795 (Diamond) and $695 (Gold) with updates $495 and $395 (respectively).

New subscriptions to ComposerCloud start at $199/year or $19.99 per/month. For any composer looking for a well-recorded and very polished traditional Hollywood sound, the Opus Edition is the one!