New Toys: FabFilter Pro-R 2 Plug-in Reverb

FabFilter’s Pro-R 2 is much more than an updated version or a "bug fix" of the original Pro-R Reverb. It takes all the great sound of the algorithmic Pro-R reverb and adds support for immersive formats up to 9.1.6 Dolby ATMOS complete with surround cross-feed controls. Pre-delay, Character, and Decay Rate can be balanced between the front and back of the created immersive space.

Pro-R 2’s original Modern Reverb Style/algorithm is joined by two new reverbs called Vintage and the great-sounding metallic-tinged Plate. I liked that if you have all other parameters set such as Decay time, Pre-delay, EQ etc., you may substitute any of these three styles without disturbing the other parameters.

I think the ability to import impulse responses (.wav or .aiff formats) that Pro-R 2 will analyze to duplicate any room sound to work within a mix is an excellent feature! I also liked the Freeze button that can be automated for moments in your mix to increase the sustain of a reverb in a musical way. Conversely, the new Auto-Gate feature determines how long the reverb tail should last and is sync-able to the host tempo.

I found good use for the Character feature that modulates and increases the early reflections while the new Thickness control saturates the input signal going into the selected reverb algorithm. 

I think if you've been wanting more sound design features or immersive reverberation capabilities, this new Pro-R 2 update is a worthwhile investment in the time to learn how to utilize it completely.

With more control and modern features than before, it is actually a whole new product, FabFilter Pro-R 2 Plug-in Reverb sells for $169 MSRP and is available now.