Live Reviews: Imaginaries

The Hotel Café - Hollywood, CA

Web: imaginariesband.com

Contact: [email protected]

Players: Shane Henry, vocals, guitar; Maggie McClure, vocals, keyboard, percussion; Justin Glasco, bass; Kevin Brown, drums; Taylor Kropp, guitar; Will Gramling, keyboard

Material: The Imaginaries is a rock & roll, Americana, Gospel-ish folk band all wrapped up into one. Henry and McClure are the main songwriters who then bring in the band to translate the music. Their tunes, reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac, are ladened with juicy, flavorful harmonies that take the songs to the next level. “Enough of You” started out the set and was a perfect rock tune to start the night. It laid the groundwork for an evening of funky, upbeat, fantastic music as “Thinking About You” presented the Imaginaries’ softer side. 

Musicianship: The Imaginaries are comprised of well-rehearsed, seasoned veterans who love to jam. The harmonies are confident and are done with only one additional vocal. You would think there are 10 others on the harmonies; they are that good. “Trust Falling with You” and “You Remind Me” are great examples of the superb harmonies that ooze out of McClure and Henry. The guitar play is exceptional, as well. Kropp has some juicy effects coming out of his Fender amp. “Walking on a Wire” showcases his talents as he effortlessly plays his slide and makes his instrument sing in a way that takes the songs to another level. 

Performance: The performance was pretty good, considering the stage was jampacked. There were five people on a tiny stage, plus two keyboards, drums, a bass amp and two guitar amps (not counting the mics, cables and monitors), but they pulled it off. Good rapport with the audience kept things exciting, fresh and exhilarating. Stories from their humble beginnings in Oklahoma made you wonder what it was like back then and really brought things down to a personal level.

Summary: Fresh off their self-titled debut album, The Imaginaries, hailing from Oklahoma, are touring in support of their fine record. Embarked on a U.S. tour, they are hitting Texas, Arizona, California, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and New York just to name a few. With songs like “Geronimo” that give off a Kenny Wayne Shephard vibe, and “Enough of You,” which rocked the core of the Hotel Café, The Imaginaries are on a musical journey that you don’t want to miss.