Live Reviews: Piera

The Silverlake Lounge  Los Angeles, CA

Contact: [email protected]

Web: pieramusic.net

Players: Piera Klein, vocals; Micah Plissner keyboard(s), synth-pad, drum machine

Material: The story of Piera (branded as PIERA) is much more than just another narrative about a band comprised of kindred spirits. In a way, it’s a beautiful collision course between two completely different artists from opposite sides of the country. When Piera Klein and Micah Plissner are performing live on stage together, you would never know that they were brought together, initially, by a whimsical recording session for a one-off record.  Nevertheless, electronic-rock songs like “Unraveling” and “It’s True” display a chemistry that extends far beyond a routine collaboration between a solo recording artist and a musician for hire. Today, they are the founding members of a two-piece touring band that had been on a hiatus since the quarantine shutdowns began during the year 2020. 

Musicianship: The band’s debut album can best be described as a lovely soundtrack with a sinister aesthetic. Micah Plissner’s music production evokes a nostalgia that is somewhat reminiscent of the first releases by bands such as Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails during the 1980s, while Piera Klein’s vocal technique resembles a blend of Debbie Harry-and-Annie Lennox-meets-Nena. “When The World Ends” is a great example of that dynamic. Like the majority of the songs on their LP’s track list, the duo penned this composition together.

Performance: The small venue provided an intimate setting that suited the band well. With an audience of goth and indie-rockers dancing and gyrating directly in front of the stage, Piera Klein wailed melancholic love songs. The hauntingly heartfelt track “Cult Love” swayed the concert goers as if it were the crowd favorite. So much so, that it compelled Klein to refer to her bandmate as a wizard at the song’s conclusion. 

Summary: Overall, this show was an appropriate way for Piera to re-introduce their music to the indie-rock scene while at the legendary Sunset Junction. Piera Klein’s hair-whips during the band’s performance, seemed enthralling at times. She definitely held the attention of the crowd—many of whom sang  along. 

In the future it might be beneficial for the duo to add a few covers to their setlist. Putting a creative twist on a couple of industrial songs that have undoubtedly influenced their sound, may very well prove to be an effective way to galvanize their growing fanbase as the duo gear up to play even more live shows this year.