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Live Reviews: Villains In Vogue at The Study in Hollywood, CA

Material: The re-imagining of traditional glam rock through the youthful eyes of Justin Sane has helped spark the creation of a new band called Villains In Vogue. Co-founded in late 2017 by Sane and the former lead singer of Ana Black (Mick Scott), these Villains combine elements of classic glam metal and hard rock with music from the metalcore genre. Although there is still no official release date for their upcoming debut album, the band has already put out three songs, including a track called “Flame Still Burns,” an arena-rock song with an anthem for a chorus and a heavy emphasis on keyboard lines.

Musicianship: A majority of the music by Villains In Vogue stems from the harmonic progressions created by lead guitarist and primary songwriter, Justin Sane. Nevertheless, all of their compositions benefit from significant contributions by every member of the band. The auditory sensation of their melodies are comparable to many of the songs that have been composed by Motley Crüe and Velvet Revolver.

Performance: At this show, the Villains In Vogue performed eight songs from their forthcoming debut album. The band entertained the live audience at The Study with a euphoria that felt like an interactive music video. Lead singer Mick Scott used the scenic elements of the intimate venue to complement his flashy presence on stage, on the dance floor and on top of the bar in the restaurant area. All while the dueling guitars of Sane and Matt Bachman infiltrated the club’s acoustics like rhythmic chords played by Avenge Sevenfold. One of the highlights of the show occurred when the band encouraged the participative chant: “Be One Of Us.” This is a fitting song title for a band with such a seductive aura. “Be One Of Us” is a glam metal composition stylized like many of the songs that were featured on Poison’s first album, Look What The Cat Dragged In.

Summary: This show was a picturesque glance into the seasoned musicality of Villains In Vogue. Mick Scott, Justin Sane, Matt Bachman, Bryan Kimes and Jeffery Shapiro gave fans of their previous bands a brief overview of what to anticipate for this new venture. If the Villains In Vogue ever decide to add more elements from metalcore and progressive metal into their songwriting, it could be their ticket to a wider and wilder fanbase.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: villainsinvogue.com
The Players: Mick Scott, vocals; Justin Sane, guitar, vocals; Matt Bachman, guitar, vocals; Bryan Kimes, bass, vocals; Jeffery Shapiro,
drums, vocals