New Toys: oeksound soothe2

soothe2 is called a dynamic resonance suppressor that automatically identifies resonances—sudden jumps in audio level for reduction using a specialized equalizer system. Resonances at certain frequencies and moments that can spoil a great mix if not dealt with properly. soothe2 is a necessity for modern music producers and uses four overlapping EQ frequency bands plus both high and low cut bands—all sections have adjustable frequencies, Q, and band types with peaking, high/low shelves, band reject and tilt shapes.

soothe2 arrests sibilance, low frequency p-pops (wind), bass guitar pops, any peaky electric guitar sounds, and low mid-range frequency buildups encountered in music mixing. The GUI looks like an equalizer except moving a frequency node vertically up/down with the mouse, increases/decreases the processing for problematic frequencies.

soothe2 has both Soft and Hard modes along with a Depth control knob that automatically rescales either mode. Soft mode is useful for minimally intrusive and more natural-sounding control over audio. For more serious problems, use Hard mode.

Using both the Selectivity and Sharpness controls further defines the exact frequency ranges and amount of reduction. Hear what you’re reducing by clicking on the Delta button.

I liked using soothe2 on problem vocal tracks when meticulously crafted automation moves do not sound good to me. The stereo mode works great when there is a problem only on one side. Stereo mode can also unlink and operate in dual-mono or as a Mid/Side processor.

soothe2 proves itself as a professional level processor with features like 2X oversampling for increased resolution, Attack and Release time controls for the reduction process, side-chain abilities, Wet/Dry control, and a Bypass button for A/B comparisons that keeps soothe2 in circuit with CPU usage, delay compensation and Wet/Dry functionality.

A good read is the manual to make the most efficient use of soothe2. It’s the best repair tools you can own and have at the ready and it is money well spent at $219 MSRP download; upgrade is $59.