CMW Announces Upcoming 'Virtual Voices' Webinars

Virtual Voices Series: 4 Steps Closer to a Publishing Deal with Nashville Music Executive LeAnn Phelan

LeAnn Phelan will share with you what publishers are looking for in a songwriter based on her own experience signing writers over a 25+ years.

Other topics covered will be:

• How to take care of your creative wellness along the journey of a songwriter

• How to utilize your PRO • How to build community


Virtual Voices: Breaking Out and Getting Discovered on TikTok

Short form video platforms like TikTok, Triller, IG Reels and more have become the new music discovery ecosystems for A&R’s, managers, and labels. They are crucial for new artists looking to be heard. In these worlds, content is king and catchy tracks with that indescribable hook can go viral overnight. In many ways, the playing field has been levelled. In this discussion we’ll dissect how artists can be leveraging these platforms to gain followers and traction and even connect with industry gatekeepers. Our speakers have been behind some of the most successful breakout stars of the last few years and will share their expertise on launching and discovering talent through short form video channels.