Jesse Lynn Madera Signs with Jill Willis Management, Silverleaf Booking

Singer-songwriter Jesse Lynn Madera has signed with Jill Willis Management and Laurel Falkenstein, head of Silverleaf Booking Talent Agency. Madera is known for her "lyrical and piano-driven songs that are passionate and alluring, with a dramatic, ethereal, and otherworldly tone" (American Songwriter). Jesse is expected to release a new single, "¡Hola Papi!" on October 22, off her upcoming album. Her debut record, Fortunes, made a strong first impression in its genre-defying, masterfully crafted conviction, and her live performances have earned her a devoted following in Los Angeles and New York City.

"I was immediately captivated by Jesse's voice and songwriting style the first time I heard her," said Willis. "A long-time and mutual friend of ours in the entertainment industry thought we might be a good match but he never mentioned that before casually playing some of her music. I immediately thought that she was incredibly talented and very special. Not long afterward, we had a chance to talk and it was like being on the phone with a long-time friend. Meeting Jesse and having the chance to work with her is just a great honor. I couldn't be more excited about what the future holds for her."

"Signing Jesse was an easy decision," added Falkenstein. "Her songs struck me as transformative, fresh, and completely out of the box. Jesse's music easily provides a retreat to whatever your day might bring, while, too, it can just as easily enhance a perfectly sunny day. Jesse's beautiful voice will always fit the bill, no matter what your mood may be. I truly look forward to introducing her to my colleagues around the industry."

Jill Willis, who managed Prince for several years in the early 1990s (and helped him navigate his biggest commercial releases since the 1984 release of Purple Rain along with helping him land on 1992's Forbes Magazine's 40 highest paid entertainers) and went on to manage a number of other artists including a 12-year stint representing Donny Osmond. Her client roster includes Prince's former MD and co-producer of Welcome 2 America, his former backing band, the New Power Generation, who reunited after the legendary artist passed away in 2016 and best-selling author and History's Alone TV series alum, Dr. Nicole Apelian. Laurel Falkenstein of Silverleaf Booking represents artists such as Leigh Nash, Griffin House, Mindy Smith, Beth Neilson Chapman, and more.