New Music Critique: Sharon Groom

Sharon Groom
Contact: [email protected]

Web: sharongroom.com

Seeking: Film/TV, Booking, Management
Style: Blues, Rock, Americana

Sharon Groom has a great Southern blues-rock voice and an ambitious vision that attempts to incorporate a mix of genres.  Case in point: “Big Daddy,” which delivers a weird, mysterious, smokey amalgam of jazz, blues and pop. From its muted trumpet to its odd time signatures, the song is an uncomfortable ride. Much more pleasing, despite its dark undertones, is “Any Time Any Minute,”  where Groom’s voice is so well captured (we love the sultry hums!) amid expert production. Our favorite is “All That I Wanted,” which from its relatable lyrics sung to a longtime friend, to its acoustic melody (which veers to country-rock), is quite infectious. We urge this gifted singer to collaborate with an equally talented songwriter.