New Music Critique: IZ.M.B

Contact: [email protected]

Web: bluecollarrecordsllc.net/artists/iz-m-b

Seeking: Booking, Film/TV
Style: Singer-Songwriter

A rich, deep aura pervades these recordings by Philadelphia-based artist IZ.M.B., whose girlish vulnerability basks in a pond-full of reverb. Seems to us that “Six Feet Away” is a pretty enough song without all that.  We suggest the artist do another polish on this one, capitalizing on a raw, more natural sound. “Breakout” is a guitar-driven song that has an overall pop-punk drive, and it reminds us vocally of Liz Phair. To our ears, IZ.M.B.’s best song of all is “Recover,” where the artist’s voice doubles very well amid tasty contributions by a guest trumpet. It’s a sophisticated rock song (with perhaps some Evanescence baked into it) and the horns and various textures in the production are really exciting to hear.