New Music Critique: Slow Buildings

Slow Buildings
Contact: [email protected]

Web: slowbuildingsmusic.bandcamp.com

Seeking: Film/TV Placement
Style: Indie Power Pop

Quirky, clever rhymes and a playfully smart sensibility come through on these tunes by New Jersey band Slow Buildings. “Chemical Dream Girl” has a playful vibe and features frontman Jason Legacy’s nasally vocals.  The song has an occasional Beach Boys (Pet Sounds/Smile) influence in its harmonies and marimba/xylophone parts. “Ghosts in the Winning Culture” has a friendly, upbeat energy, a walking bass line, and a nice violin part, while its borderline goofy lyrics are slyly smart.  Though hampered by an undermixed lead vocal, the most modern-sounding tune is “Trying to Be Good,” which has great song structure and a great chorus, with a Weezer-y sensibility as the whole band chants the tune’s title.