DIY Spotlight: Kate Brown

Mesmerizing narratives and charismatic performances are essential facets in the vivid artistry of singer/songwriter Kate Brown. Whether her audience is rapt and attentive or well-oiled and rowdy, Brown charms them with self-deprecating monologues, a personal intensity and audacious authenticity, the cornerstones of a true DIY artist.

A small town girl from Mt. Pleasant, IA, Brown tried to balance music and acting. “But, I felt like I had to choose because I didn’t have time to do both,” she remembers. Well, music won out. “In the end, I want to look back and say, ‘I did this,’ rather than going to auditions.” As a result, Brown has extensive credits in acting and voiceovers; but found her real home on stage as a folk artist.

Actually, she started on that path early. At 16 years of age she put a guitar on layaway at her local music store. A few years later, she dropped out of college to play cafés, theaters and any venue that would have her.

Continuing to follow her dream, she travelled across the country peddling CDs out of her car, playing coffeehouses and sleeping at truck stops.

Recently, Brown released the single, “Bring Me Down Dixie,” an acoustic narrative about wearing your heart on your sleeve, while also paying homage to Cash, Cline and Joplin.

Kate Brown utilizes the traditional storytelling style of folk music but elevates it to a new level with modern and current issues, and her inimitable personality.

To follow this one of a kind artist, visit KateBrownMusic.com