Mix With The Masters Announces Series With Rodney Jerkins

Mix with the Masters announces a debut series with Rodney Jerkins.

Also known as ‘Darkchild’, the music producer extraordinaire garnered two Grammy nominations for the featured record of this series:
Hard Place by H.E.R.

Join Rodney at his Calabasas home studio for a walkthrough of how the soulful and gritty record was created. He recounts the origins of the song and how the artist wanted a dirtier aesthetic to her acoustic guitar-based piece. Jerkins reveals how he infused hip-hop and soul elements by sampling beats from vinyl, adding crackle, 909 kick, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and more.

He shares his approach on how to enhance a song’s storytelling, elaborates on structure and arrangement, and examines the vocal parts. Furthermore, he explains how his production style has evolved and refers to his communication with the artist and mixer.

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