Mix with the Masters: Producing a Song with Malay

Mix with the Masters brings you another series with the producer Malay.

Filmed at his 2019 seminar, this documents the process of him recording, producing, and performing on the song 'Them' by singer-songwriter Iris.

Malay speaks of the project's origins and inspiration, then explains how he wishes to develop it emotionally, musically, and sonically. He records a simple guide track, then builds a soundscape of modulating synth lines, atmospheric guitar sounds, lush organ, heavily distorted drums, and more. He describes how the drums were previously tracked, then records the remaining parts at Studios La Fabrique and Larrabee.

You'll witness how he builds a production quickly and impulsively by incorporating his unique workflow, empathizing with the artist, and experimenting freely.

The final episode includes Malay and Iris interviewed six months later about how the project was altered and finalized for mixing!