Taylor Larson for Nail The Mix

Producer Taylor Larson to Teach Online Mixing Class for "Nail The Mix"

January's “Nail The Mix” will feature producer and From First To Last guitarist Taylor Larson--who has worked with the likes of Periphery, I See Stars, Memphis May Fire, Veil of Maya, Darkest Hour, Sky Eats Airplane, Capture The Crown, Life On Repeat and others--teaching a live streaming class offering a walkthrough of how he mixed guitar shredder Jason Richardson's (formerly of All Shall Perish, Born of Osiris and Chelsea Grin) new song "Fragments." Users can download the multi-tracks, and then join Larson for the live stream on Jan. 29.

Taylor Larson gives an idea of what to expect from his “Nail The Mix” class, "I'm really excited to do ‘Nail The Mix.’ Jason Richardson's record was a really tough one, so I feel like there is a lot to be learned there. I'm going to go through what I had, and explain to you my mindset behind it. Also, since I've progressed between when I mixed this and now, I'll probably try a couple of new things! I'm a little scared to re-open the session, but it's going to be fun!"

"Fragments" can be found on Richardson's latest album, I, released last summer. Supporting Richardson's performance and Larson's production on the track is Lukas Magyar of Veil of Maya, Mark Holcomb of Periphery and Luke Holland (formerly of the Word Alive).

Larson continues, "What's unique about Jason's mix is that it's literally the most demanding style of music to mix. Literally the hardest thing to do. I also didn't want to keep things simple. I wanted to challenge myself. Especially on guitars. From blending three different guitar tones per side, and using all different gear (which I'll explain in the stream) to mixing tons of layers programming, and guitar parts. To be able to find the space to accomplish what I wanted was an insane task."

“Nail The Mix’s” Eyal Levi states, "Great source tones are a huge part of nailing an amazing sounding mix, and you're not going to get source tones much better than these Jason Richardson tracks. Jason, and the rest of the song's lineup--Mark Holcomb, Luke Holland and Lukas Magryar--are as good as it gets from the younger generation of metal musicians. These are the Yngwies and Gene Hoglans of the below-30 crowd. Add Taylor Larson leading the way on the mix and you have the bar set about as high as it can go. If you're looking to up your metal production and mixing game, this one is a no brainer."

In addition to receiving the raw multi-tracks of "Fragments," those who get access to January's “Nail The Mix” class can take part in a user-judged mix competition with prizes from Joey Sturgis Tones. Select subscriber mixes will be chosen for airing on “Nail The Mix” sister podcast, URM Podcast, as part of their "MixCritMonday" series.

To get more information, access to the session and Larson’s live streaming mixing class and re-mix "Fragments," visit unstoppablerecordingmachine.clickfunnels.com.