Nobody's Girl

Signing Story: Nobody's Girl

The three women who comprise Austin-based Nobody's Girl are each established songwriters and performers who had no intention of a casual collaboration becoming a band. After meeting at the Kerrvile Folk Festival, at which each artist has received the annual New Folk Award in recent years, the trio decided to get together, rehearse and hit the road for a tour of small rooms. While planning for the tour early this year, they decided to collaborate on an original song to play in addition to their individual compositions.

“We wanted to get together for a night, undistracted and write a song,” says vocalist and electric guitarist BettySoo. “And [bandmate] Grace suggested getting in touch with people she knew at Lucky Hound. I went out there just to meet them, and they showed me these beautiful artist apartments. They were happy to have us and even stocked the fridge!”

By the next day, the trio had finished three songs. “It was so unexpected! We really didn’t expect to be a band,” adds BettySoo. “The next day, we met the owner who just happened to be in the studio. We played the new songs, and they basically asked us if we wanted to be on the label!” The three hashed out a deal with Lucky Hound that day, and were soon recording there for the EP Waterline, produced by Michael Ramos and released in September.

“We were still keeping our expectations really low, that the rooms wouldn’t be full,” says BettySoo. “We had most of the dates lined up by then, nice rooms, 120 - 150 capacity on average. So we went on tour and it was definitely more than the sum of the parts.”

BettySoo notes that while very few artists these days receive traditional deals, tour support or other niceties, Lucky Hound has been supportive in other ways. “They have been great when we wanted to work with certain people; they always listened to everything we ever said; it was always considered. They produced a really high-quality video for us. They were really active in inviting people as much as we were to our shows.”

The band will tour the US over the next few months, then Europe, and to unknown destinations in January as part of a State Department Cultural Exchange.

“I think the people at Lucky Hound are smart and honest. They’re new, they don’t BS their way through it. They don’t pretend to know it all, they’re not afraid to say I don’t know. They’re not crappy people!”

Date Signed: February 2018
Label: Lucky Hound Music
Band Members: BettySoo, lead vocals, electric guitar, accordion; Rebecca Loebe, vocals, acoustic guitar; Grace Pettis, vocals, acoustic guitar
Type of Music: Harmonic Folk-Pop
Management: N/A
Booking: Mary Granata - Granata Agency; Laura Thomas - ComboPlate Booking
Legal: John Seay - The Seay Firm, 404-913-4232
Publicity: Wendy Brynford-Jones, [email protected]
Web: nobodysgirlmusic.com
A&R: N/A