Computer Magic

DIY Spotlight: Computer Magic

DIY songwriter and producer Danielle “Danz” Johnson released a North American LP, self-titled Danz, on Feb. 20 (her birthday) via her own Channel 9 Records out of Brooklyn, NY.  Her music has been described as otherworldly cosmic-pop.

As Computer Magic, Danz has released nine EPs, four full-length records (three exclusively in Japan), with songs featured in commercials by companies such as Lexus, Aria Casino, Panasonic and QP Half.

This artist runs her own Channel 9 Records, designing all the artwork and merchandise herself.  She DJ’s a radio show every other week on Newtown Radio called Outerspace, was the face of Kim Gordon’s X-Girl label in Japan, and Sofia Coppola’s label, Milkfed.

She has maintained success in Japan and has gained a cult following in the United States. Attracting sci-fi enthusiasts, she often performs or takes press photos in space suits with backdrops redolent of NASA base camps.

Her latest release, Danz is a bit more experimental and yet a more personal collection than any of her previous releases. It’s an album that explores themes such as losing yourself and your memory, a dystopian future, and not following the crowd.

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