Focusrite's New Plug-in Collective Offer Featuring Mastering The Mix

Focusrite’s Plug-in Collective has provided Focusrite customers access to some of the best plug-in companies and their products since July 2016. Every two months we offer our customers access to at least one new plug-in for free.

From 12th March until 7th May 2020, Mastering The Mix's IGNITE distortion plug-in will be available to download for free as well as a six-month unrestricted trial of their BASSROOM mastering EQ plug-in.

Why should you care about Plug-in Collective?

It drives revenue in three ways:

  • Provides a unique offer to customers in the form of an enhanced retail proposition for free!
  • Brings additional lifetime value to future customers looking to purchase an audio interface, improving your sales.
  • Drives advocacy for Focusrite within the music community, again increasing your revenue in the long term.

Suggested activity

Your resellers should support this campaign by:

  • Referring to Plug-in Collective on all Scarlett and Clarett product listings.
  • Sharing the offer via social media.
  • Mentioning Plug-in Collective in their emails.
  • Displaying and handing out the PDF flyer and use in-store.


  • If you are in a non-English speaking territory, create your own Plug-in Collective landing page that resellers can link to from their websites. You can update the offer every two months.

Please make use of these assets

Assets include: graphics, press release and pdf resources.

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