TuneCore Launches New AI-Powered Audio Mastering Service, TuneCore Mastering

TuneCore, the leading independent development partner for self-releasing artists—owned by Paris-based Believe, one of the world’s leading digital music companies—has just unveiled TuneCore Mastering, a new AI-powered audio mastering product helping independent artists optimize the sound recording quality of their music before release. TuneCore Mastering adds to the already best-in-class services offered through TuneCore that helps self-releasing artists make better music, become better known, and makes their lives easier.

With TuneCore Mastering, self-releasing artists around the world are able to ensure that their music’s audio quality meets or exceeds industry standards, sounds great on all streaming services and speaker configurations, and highlights the unique individual qualities that make their music stand out in the sea of content. TuneCore Mastering’s AI technology focuses on fixing technical issues found in uploaded tracks without changing the artistic vision of each song, treating each song without presets or biases based on genre.

TuneCore Mastering’s AI technology was developed without having been trained on any copyrighted material, in line with TuneCore’s four pillars for responsible AI engagement: consent, control, compensation, and transparency. By utilizing AI, TuneCore Mastering also helps artists who may not be able to afford to hire a mastering engineer release professional-quality tracks, increase the chances of their songs being played by listeners worldwide, and start earning money from their music earlier in their careers. 

Andreea Gleeson, Chief Executive Officer, TuneCore, commented, “TuneCore Mastering is the latest addition to a suite of products helping TuneCore artists around the world make better music. Audio mastering helps ensure that an artist's music sounds polished and complete, but comes with a significant financial and technical barrier for many artists.

TuneCore Mastering’s ethically-built AI technology alleviates these barriers, providing an instant audio mastering option for artists who wouldn’t have the means to have a professional master it for them. Through TuneCore Mastering, we are excited to be able to offer our artists the ability to easily and affordably ensure their music sounds the way it is meant to be heard across all platforms and audio configurations.”

TuneCore Mastering is now available to all TuneCore artists on a low-cost, pay-per-use model for just $5 per track. To use TuneCore Mastering, artists simply upload their unmastered audio, wait a few minutes for the audio to process, and then listen to their optimized track before downloading and distributing to stores and streaming platforms through TuneCore.

Artists are able to upload tracks and receive full-length previews as often as they want before purchasing the mastered versions, providing artists with a reliable co-pilot throughout the creative process and ensuring that they feel confident in the quality of their mastered tracks before release. By offering professional quality audio mastering services to all self-releasing artists, TuneCore is continuing to work towards creating a fair and equitable music industry where talented artists can thrive on a global stage.