Donner Adds New Guitars to Its Seeker Series Electrics

Donner has introduced two new additions to its DST Seeker Series electric guitar lineup: the DST-600 and DST-700. By adding these two new models, Donner's time-tested Seeker Series has reached new heights with a balance of vintage and modern design, providing contemporary players with the ultimate playing experience and versatile tones, from warm blues or clean style to shred-heavy metal sounds.

The DST-600 has an alder body, C-shaped maple neck and comes in either SSS or HSS configurations with a maple or rosewood fretboard. The models featuring the rosewood fretboard come with 22 frets, while the maple fretboard version features 21 frets. Boasting special tuning on each pole piece, the vintage staggered SSS/HSS configured DST-600 gives an authentic 60s sound that is sparkly clean, while providing a rich and smooth tone when pushed with some overdrive. The DST-600, with a trio of alnico V single coils, marks Donner's faithful attempt for the vintage aesthetics while maintaining versatile play capabilities by providing an alternative HSS configured option.

Crafted with several differences from the original Seeker series, the DST-700 is Donner’s bold offering for aggressive players. First, the DST-700 boasts a 5-piece neck made with roasted maple bolted on a basswood or mahogany body, offering supreme stability and aesthetics for shred guitarists. Second, new pickups designed by Donner Lab come in two configurations: HH and HSS with coil switch. These new Donner Lab pickups are designed, made, and tuned for high-output fatter tones, yet deliver tremendous dynamic range.

Finally, the fingerboard utilizes a compound radius of 10"-14" resulting in a neck that achieves an ideal ergonomic equilibrium, suitable for producing both clear melodies and chordal playing, as well as lightning-fast solos played on the higher frets.

Other features include an easily accessible truss rod adjuster that sits next to the neck pickup, allowing players to make adjustments without removing the neck, high-quality hardware, including steel medium frets, Donner 18:1 locking machines, 2-point synchronized tremolo with block saddles, and a steel plate.


The Donner DST-600 and DST-700 electric guitars carry suggested retail prices from $429.9 to $499.9, varying from models of different setups, and are available from donnermusic.com and selective retailers.

4 models, including DST-600 in Fiesta Red (SSS) pricing $429 USD, DST-600 in Sunburst (HSS) pricing $439 USD, DST-700 in Natural (HH) pricing $499 USD and DST-700 in Forest Green (HSS) pricing $499 USD, are now available onDonnermusic.com.

For prices and availability of other models please check out more information on www.donnermusic.com or contact your local retailers.