Roberto Carlos Rolls Back the Years in Miami

Brazilian music icon Roberto Carlos is known as the “King of Latin Music.” Carlos began his U.S. tour at the Kaseya Center of the Miami Heat in Miami, FL June 16th.

At 83 he still puts on an incredible performance. Carlos has sold over 100 million albums around the globe and has been influencing artists for decades. Carlos’s career goes back to the 50’s, but his debut album was released in 1961.

For over 60 years Carlos and his songwriting partner Erasmo Carlos worked together until his passing in 2022. Carlos has released over 60 albums and E.P.s through 2018 including more than 500 songs. This was Carlos’s first U.S. show since May 2022 and prior to this tour Carlos played all across his home country of Brazil.

Following a video montage of Carlos’s legendary career and an instrumental medley, out came the icon in a white suit. Carlos sang hits like “Amigo,” “Como e grande o meu amor por voce,” and Eu ofereço flores,” over two hours.