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iZLER: Composer
Email: c/o [email protected] or  [email protected]
Web: http://iZLER.com
Most Recent: Revenge, Shameless

Working musician turned composer, iZLER loved touring the world behind International star Robbie Williams. He liked touring with a host of other big name artists too as much as any other 20-something musician might.

Yet there was “something much deeper in effect,” that caused iZLER to sidestep the role of sideman. As he says, “When I finished touring I realized working in music is not just about the perks.” He decided to move his career forward.

The Czech born, English raised multi-instrumentalist decided to quit Williams’ band and make a name for himself. He’d always wanted to score movies and thought he’d be able to do it alongside his regular gigs. To find out if that was true, he moved first to New York and eventually Los Angeles, CA.

Hollywood wasn’t quite what iZLER expected. “Things changed,” he remembers. “You could either be an uber hipster or write songs for Justin Bieber. I couldn’t stand writing hits. That’s just not me.”

To get into movies, iZLER met with music supervisors. This move led to his writing songs for soundtracks and scored short films for free, working his way up the movie industry food chain.

“It’s all about the human connection,” iZLER says of the experience. “You find the people who are like-minded and work with them.”

It couldn’t have been that easy for iZLER to find someone who shared his artistic aesthetic. Lesser composers might have used synthesizers instead of a pricey live orchestra as iZLER employs for TV’s Revenge. “At the end of the day,” he says, “it’s easy to think of the industry as industry and forget there’s art at the center of it."

“You want the music to not be musical wallpaper,” he concludes. “You have an obligation to move things forward.”

By Tom Kidd