Musical A.I. is Ushering in a Secure and Fair Future for A.I. Rights Management

Musical AI (formerly Somms.ai) is unveiling its new rights management platform for AI, serving as a secure go-between for rights holders (labels, publishers, artists) and generative AI companies. The platform knocks down all tech barriers standing in the way of attributing music to the original artists and songwriters and paying rights holders for use of their work by generative AI.

This means there are no more excuses. “We have these incredible advances in AI outputs that require valuable human-created input. There are a few futures ahead of us; one is a future where inputs are seen as interchangeable commodities without distinct value. This is the future currently being promoted by some AI companies,” explains Musical AI co-founder and CEO Sean Power. “In another, arguably better future, we as humans insist that inputs are important, that music, art, ideas, words, and the human labor required to create them have value. If you value this work, then logic dictates that an attribution platform must exist. We are that platform.”

This future requires a middle ground to bridge rights holders’ and generative AI entrepreneurs’ needs. Rights holders need a way to monitor, take down, and sunset usage of the works they own. Generative AI companies need quality licensed data. Musical AI has built this bridge, creating a service that allows rights holders to manage their catalog in a secure platform while retaining control. Generative AI companies can then train their models on this data, using Musical AI’s reports to monitor usage for each generated output.