Steinberg Dorico 3

There are two new versions of Steinberg’s music notation software, Dorico Pro 3 and entry-level Dorico Elements 3, but they have a singular goal: to make the work go faster to allow for more time to make music.

Dorico Pro 3 automatically produces a condensed conductor’s score with support for tablature, guitar notation and includes the ability to score music for multiple players written on a smaller number of staves. This allows each staff to be larger relative to the page and makes the score easier to read. You may input the music for each player and click a single button to automatically produce a condensed conductor’s score. Dorico decides how to write the music as clearly as possible with the flexibility to change the condensation from phrase to phrase and from system to system.

Dorico 3 also introduces tablature for fretted instruments and links notation and tablature dynamically—edits made in one representation are automatically reflected in the other. Many guitar-focused features are included in both Dorico Pro 3 and in the Dorico Elements 3—perfect for guitarists who write for other instruments.

There are dozens of further improvements too numerous to fit here, but they span across the application, playback, engraving, note input, workflow and many refinements to the user interface.

Dorico is available through the Steinberg Online Shop. Dorico Pro 3 is US $579.99 download. Dorico Elements 3 is US $99.99 download