Good Fortune Industries' Phil The Tip Jar

Phil the Tip Jar is an automated and interactive tip jar. It is a 10.25 inches tall by 5.6 inches in diameter cylinder that automates the process of collecting tips, providing business cards, announcements, or contest entry blanks—whatever you like. This is the ultimate replacement for that goldfish bowl or beer mug you have placed near the bar’s cash register in the hope that your audience will stuff in cash tips.

Especially good for performing musicians and standup comedians who cannot monitor a tip jar and also pass out flyers, Phil The Tip Jar gives audiences a chuckle, increases the amount of tips and gathers contact information and/or distributes information about upcoming gigs. In short, there are loads of possible ways to use your Phil The Tip Jar!

Just drop money into the contoured slot in the top and you’ll hear an audible “ka-ching” cash register sound and then a card the size of a standard business card will be dispensed automatically at the bottom. It works unattended and there is enough room for lots of cash!

It works like this: the slot has an infrared motion sensor to detect inserted bills and sometimes coins will work too. The switchable LED light show runs through a cycle of blue, red and green or you can lock in one of those colors.

Phil The Tip Jar runs on an included 5-volt power supply with a battery pack in the works for usage at outdoor events. In addition, custom branding and colors etc. will be available later in 2019.

Phil the Tip Jar is now available online for $195 MSRP.