Antares Auto-Tune Artist

Auto-Tune Artist updates Auto-Tune Live with the real-time features of Auto-Tune Pro while in Auto Mode. It is optimized for real-time with low latency processing and is backward compatible with Auto-Tune Live. There is also the popular Classic mode for the old Auto-Tune 5 sound desired by many. It also supports pitch and scale information sent from Antares’ Auto- Key plug-in.

Opening Auto-Tune Artist in Pro Tools HDX 2019.6, I found the Basic view looked very familiar—just like Auto-Tune Pro with the giant Pitch Display and Pitch Change Meter. I immediately inserted Auto-Key on the piano track to send key and scale information to the Auto-Tune Artist plug-in inserted on the lead vocal. I was mixing a jazzy song with real instruments played during a live performance.

The verses were in C minor and it went to C major in the chorus. I initially set Retune Speed at 35 and Flex-Tune to 61. I found Auto-Tune Artist more “forgiving” for this particular singer as there were fewer artifacts and miss-tracked notes.

Auto-Tune Artist has an Advanced View that is exactly like Auto-Tune Pro’s Advance view with features like “Targeting Ignores Vibrato” and “Creating Vibratos.” Other humanizing parameters such as Variation and Onset Rate will be loved by self-produced singer/artists.

The Advance View page finishes with the ability to create customized scales or use “Learn Scale” by playing the desired notes on a MIDI keyboard. A MIDI keyboard can also play a new melody in real-time for tuning a vocalist’s already sung vocal. This is a lifesaver especially for song demo recordings when trying different singers or melody experiments. Wow! Great to have this powerful tool!

Antares Auto-Tune Artist is $99 as an upgrade from Auto-Tune Live or Auto-Tune EFX and $199 upgrade from Auto-Tune Access. Buy it complete for $299 MSRP.