Supro Keeley Guitar Amp

Supro and Keeley Electronics collaborate for the 25-watt, all-tube Supro 1970RK Keeley guitar amp. Notably, this guitar amp is specifically designed to interface to your stomp pedalboard in a couple of ways.

The pre-amp and 2-band EQ sections will handle any pedal in front of the amp while still maintaining Supro’s signature midrange girth and touch dynamics. You can also use the front panel send/return effects loop to inject delay and/or reverb stompboxes directly into the amplifier’s all-tube signal chain. A master volume circuit allows you to control speaker loudness but maintain the huge gain from the 12AX7 tube preamp.

The Supro Keeley amp features a Bruce Zinky- designed cathode-biased Class-A power amp section loaded with two premium Tung-Sol 6V6GT tubes to achieve the instantly recognizable Supro sound. The open-back Supro 1970RK amp has a custom-made, 10-inch CR10 speaker with good bass response and smooth high end.

The Supro Keeley amplifier is hand-assembled and tested by musicians in Port Jefferson, NY, USA and measures 19 7/32 X 9 7/16 x 14-inches. It sells for $879 MSRP.

robertkeeley.com/product/supro-keeley-custom- amplifier