D'Addario 9V Effect Pedal Power Adaptors

The Planet Waves PW-9VPC-02 is a 9-volt adaptor that snaps onto the top of a 9-volt battery and allows emergency backup power to any pedal with a 2.5-mm tip negative socket. Why? Because if your pedalboard power supply fails or the battery inside of one of your pedals dies, you don’t have to open it all up and try to fix or replace it while the audience waits! This is critical with the new micro pedals that rely completely on the power supply—no room for a battery inside those small devices!

The PW-9VPC-02 comes two to a pack. The pack includes one straight and one right-angled adaptor. Both have a three-inch cable, and the whole thing sells for $18.95 MSRP. It's a must-have kit for any musician.