Yamaha FG Red Label Series Acoustic Guitars

The original FG Red Label acoustic guitar, launched in 1966 under the Nippon Gakki brand (pre-Yamaha name), was the company’s very first steel-string guitar. Essentially identical-looking, the new FG Red Label series retains the classic tone of those instruments, but adds a new pickup system and uses a proprietary wood aging process.

All models in the FG Red Label line are crafted with solid Sitka spruce tops, mahogany back and sides and ebony fingerboards. The top is reinforced with scalloped bracing and a specialized latticework to enhance tone and projection.

You can buy the FG equipped with Yamaha’s AtmosfeelTM pickup and preamp system. Atmosfeel mixes the sound of three different sensors: a piezoelectric pickup at the bridge, an internal microphone inside the guitar and a sheet sensor to detect the vibrations from the top. This system produces multi-dimensional sound with nuance and depth.

The FG Red Label’s top is treated with the company’s proprietary Acoustic Resonance Enhancement. This is a patented chemical-free process that uses precise control of temperature, humidity and pressure to alter the basic structure of the wood transforming it into the same material as would be found on a guitar that has been played for many years. There is increased resonance, longer bass sustain and greater midrange and high-frequency responsiveness.

Yamaha FG Red Label guitars range in price from $1,275 to $2,320 MSRP for the FG5x (pictured) and come with hard shell cases.