Alto Professional Launches UBER FX2 Portable Sound System

Alto Professional, a pioneer in audio innovation, presents UBER FX2, a new evolution in portable sound systems. Building on the success of the original acclaimed Uber FX, the UBER FX2 offers an ultra-portable, battery-powered solution designed to deliver 320 degrees of pristine, immersive sound for both indoor and outdoor events. Whether amplifying a live performance or enhancing a backyard gathering, UBER FX2 brings professional audio quality to any occasion with unparalleled ease and versatility.

Innovation Meets Exceptional Sound
UBER FX2 stands out with its advanced five-speaker system, including an 8” woofer, stereo tweeters, and side-firing drivers, delivering a powerful 200W of sound. This design ensures rich, full-range audio that envelops your audience in 320 degrees of clarity and depth. UBER FX2 is well-suited for a variety of settings, including outdoor events and private gatherings, providing comprehensive audio support wherever needed.

Now Available at Alto Professional Dealers Worldwide
From garage jams to camping trips, UBER FX is built to provide long lasting unparalleled 320 degrees of audio.

UBER FX is now available for $299 USD at the inMusic Store as well as at your favorite Alto Professional dealers.

Learn more about UBER FX2 or find a dealer near you here.