Kali Audio MV-BT Bluetooth Input Module

The Kali Audio MV-BT Mountain View Bluetooth Input Module is a Bluetooth receiver with balanced L/R stereo line XLR and TRS output jacks for use with any professional audio system. You can pair your smartphone or laptop with the MV-BT that’s connected to a pair of powered speakers or two-line inputs of a mixer. Using Qualcomm’s aptXTM low latency codec, the MV-BT is capable of receiving CD-quality stereo audio over Bluetooth.

I liked the MV-BT’s big volume control knob, eliminating the necessity of controlling volume on the playback device; there is a blue LED array around the volume control to indicate the current volume level.

In my studio, I immediately “paired up” the MV-BT using a simple button next to the volume control that pulsates when NOT paired and then glows solid when paired. It couldn’t be simpler and I was immediately streaming music from all the different music apps I have on my iPhone.

Now when an artist, songwriter or producer comes into my studio and wants to play music from any device—it could be a demo or a current song—I don’t have to stop everything to get that device connected so everyone can listen!

With the popularity of phones without analog headphone jacks increasing, Bluetooth has become the most common way to send audio from a phone. The MV-BT also has a 3.5mm input jack to provide a physical connection to devices without Bluetooth.

Available in the United States now, the Kali Audio MV-BT Mountain View Bluetooth Input Module turns any pair of speakers into Bluetooth speakers and sells for $99 MSRP.