Yamaha P-121 Digital Piano

The P-121 is a 73-key, weighted action digital piano designed in the tradition of Yamaha’s best-selling P-Series digital pianos. It features Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard action, a built-in stereo speaker system and weighs only 22-lbs. Built for any player from student to seasoned professional, the instrument’s matte black key tops allow beginning players to build the proper finger technique for performing on an acoustic piano.

The P-121 also reproduces the magnificent sound of the Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano, giving inexperienced pianists the ability to make music with dynamics, expressiveness and power not typically possible with a digital piano of its compact size and price point.

The P-121 is also compatible with the Smart Pianist app for iOS devices and has a built-in USB audio and MIDI interface. This not only enables the user to play along with their favorite artists, but it also allows them to record audio and/ or MIDI performances into a computer.

The Yamaha P-121 digital piano comes in both black and spotlight white finishes and sells for $899.99 MSRP.