Antares Auto-Tune EFX+

Auto-Tune EFX+ combines Auto-Tune with the Auto-EFX Multi-Effects Rack that has the unusual Auto-Motion effect. Auto-Motion is a pitch-shifting modulator for generating alternate, re-voiced melodic performances always locked to the song’s key/scale made possible by Antares’ Auto-Key plug-in (sold separately) that detects and sends scale and key information to all Auto-Tune plug-ins.

The Multi-Effects rack has a container that’ll hold up to four effect modules in a Patch. When you click on one of the modules, the X-Y joystick/pad offers control over that particular effect’s two most important parameters.

The six effects modules are: Vocode, Pitch and Throat, Duet—a doubling effect, a high pass Filter, Tube Amp and Mutate, a crazy-sounding Ring Modulator. These effects are awesome and are worth experimenting on both vocal tracks and certain monophonic musical instruments—bass, single note guitar parts and melodies.

I started with a patch called Carlos Vox. It uses the Tube Amp, the Filter and Vocode. I slowed Auto-Tune’s Retune Speed down to 400 and let Auto-Key send the G major scale/key from the piano track to Auto-Tune EFX+. I then inserted it on a bass guitar track where I automated Wet/Dry and carrier pitch shift using the joystick to create cool-sounding pitch slides.
Auto-Motion imposes a pattern of pitches to generate new melodies on any vocal. These note changes will sync to the song’s tempo and there are note pattern presets such as trill, octaves down, ostinato, half steps, chromatic intervals, arpeggios and many more. Note sequences are depicted in two measure long windows and there are many controls to program triggering, retriggering and note transitioning.

Auto-Motion begs to be used for creating the coolest and unique electronica/ EDM vocal effects ever! I love it! Antares Auto-Tune EFX+ sells for $199 down- load. I think this takes the “auto-tune” effect to a much higher, musically creative level.