Avatone Pro CLA-10 Passive Monitors

Avantone Pro has been producing direct replacements of woofer and tweeter drivers for the famed Yamaha NS-10M loudspeaker and now, finally, they make a fine replacement for the whole speaker. The NS-10M was discontinued in 2001 and now, in partnership with mixer Chris Lord- Alge, the Avantone Pro CLA-10TM is here. It is as close to the original as possible. It has the same crossover circuit and frequency point, same part values and the same size sealed cabinet.

I received a pair for review and they went right to work in my studio in their usual job as a “reality check” when mixing on my big, full-range main monitor loud-speakers. Like the NS-10M, the CLA-10s focuses on the important mid-range frequencies of music mixes.

My routine is to get the mix happening on my trustworthy main loudspeakers and switch down to the CLA-10s for vocal rides, refining instrumental levels and more subtle EQ tweaks. At quiet volume levels, flaws show up instantly with these.

As a great tool and a replacement for my old and (re) tired Yamaha NS-10Ms, I use these every day in my music mixing and cannot be without them. Highly recommended! Avantone Pro sells them for $699 a pair.