Roswell Mini K87 Condenser Mic

The Mini K87 is the counterpart to Roswell's best-selling Roswell Mini K47 condenser. The Mini K87 is a general-purpose studio condenser mic ready for any source you can throw at it. The Mini K87 uses Roswell's 34-mm, center-terminated K87 capsule that's especially tuned for this microphone and is coupled to a low-distortion audio circuit with transformerless output.

You could say it's all in the details and manufacturing care, quality capsule design, uncompromising parts selection, and excellent construction—everything counts. I received a factory-matched pair of the Mink K87 mics that came in a padded aluminum flight case that also had two Cutaway™ shock mounts.

Like the Roswell Mini K47, the K87 is about 3/4 the size of other popular side-address condenser mics. This is important when trying to fit microphones into tight locations or using more than one mic on a single source such as on acoustic guitars in X/Y stereo or when putting multiple microphones on a single guitar cab speaker.

I set up for a singer-songwriter for my first test. I used on K87 for the vocal and the other for his acoustic guitar. I processed the audio as I would normally with slight compression and high pass filtering on the vocal Mini K87 microphone and also the K87 on the guitar.

I liked that the microphones were sensitive. I could hear every vocal nuance and inflection with all the subtleties right there, front and center. I could hear the rustling of the headphones and cable on the singer's head, the peculiarities of my room's boxy sound.

I found the Mini K87 excellent with a solid and smooth sound. I think for my somber-sounded singer, the Mini K87 was a great fit. It was never shrill or harsh sounding no matter how loud he sang. My goal would be to own a pair of both the Mini K87 and K47! With those four microphones, you could do just about any recording project easily and always get great sounds. So thumbs up on this well-made microphone from Roswell!

A single microphone is $399 MAP and hand-matched stereo pairs are $899 MAP.