Company Profile: Nerve Banking App for Musicians

Nerve -- the mobile banking app that merges user experience and financial technologies to help artists build stronger communities and sustainable careers -- has launched the first neobank created specifically for the musician. Available in the US, Nerve offers a multitude of custom-built banking tools designed to help artists manage their business income and expenses and plan for the future.

The music business deserves music banking, and Nerve “aims to serve the unique needs of professional musicians” (The Financial Brand). The first of its kind, Nerve has made waves after last month’s announcement, garnering attention from Banking DiveHypebotThe Financial Brand11fs, and more.

Nerve is a no account fees, no overdraft fees business banking service that is available for both English and Spanish speakers. Other features:

  • Free, easy to open FDIC-insured* business debit and savings accounts (open in minutes in the app - no paperwork or monthly fees)
  • Data aggregation: Users can access fully integrated streaming and social data
  • Free instant payments to anyone with a Nerve account
  • Private networking feature to help professional musicians connect and collaborate
  • Access to an established network of 55,000 free ATMs (perfect for the touring musician)
  • Direct deposit for royalties and other earnings
  • Automated tax and savings statements

Stay tuned for additional features in the coming months.

Preview Nerve here, and download the app at nerve.pro