NUGEN Launches "Staying Home, Staying Creative" Initiative

In response to the rapidly changing needs of the industry, NUGEN Audio has launched a digital initiative to support the audio and production community through the COVID pandemic. Aptly dubbed “Staying Home, Staying Creative,” the program is aimed at promoting collaboration and creativity in a time of social distancing. Included among NUGEN’s efforts are a variety of videos, interviews and articles that will inspire new artistic approaches for post-production workflows. The company is also providing temporary replacement licenses for any users who do not have access to their in-office workstations.

Already available on the Staying Creative web page is a special interview with Audio Post-Production Specialist Keith Alexander. Building from his specialty in remote recording and sound design for broadcast, film and gaming, Alexander shares some helpful tips on how to work efficiently in a home-based setting as well as managing audio cleanup and broadcast audio editing projects from home. NUGEN has also made available an article focused on three ways to improve lo-fi drum recording in a less-than-ideal space.

In addition to the creative resources that NUGEN is providing, the company is also offering temporary two-month licenses for current iLok customers, along with one additional Challenge Response license code authorization. Recognizing that many in the industry are personally and financially impacted, especially freelancers, the company has also reduced the prices of all products in its web store. This will enable audio pros the world-over to continue to collaborate on post-production projects in an efficient manner.