Nugen Audio SEQ-S Creative EQ

Nugen Audio’s SEQ-S is a linear phase “spline, match and morph” equalizer with three independent curves that are individually assignable to any of up to eight channels. For M/S stereo processing, that would be one curve for the Mid (M) signal and one for the L/R Side (S). For conventional stereo, it would be just one curve covering both L/R. A user can “draw” a spline or EQ curve directly into its resizable GUI for each one of those curves—just drag the cursor around freely.

The plug-in’s GUI is divided into three zones: utility, a graphical display with direct draw area, and the processing/control section at the bottom. Ideal for corrective mixing work and mastering, SEQ-S also performs EQ matching and EQ/filter morphing.

I liked the EQ Matching feature that allows sampling of reference audio such as the acoustic guitar sound I liked and that could be applied to another guitar track. You may “carve out” space in a jingle for the narration voice-over by inverting its matched EQ curve and applying it to the backing track.

EQ/Morphing allows crossfading smoothly from one saved EQ to another over a selectable time period or as locked to and triggered from your session’s tempo. This is a great way to smooth transitions in ambient audio between scenes in post-production mixing.

I had fun learning how SEQ-S fixes any frequency issue that regular equalizers, by design, cannot accomplish. So a big thumbs up to the resizable plug-in window for seeing deep into the built-in spectrum analyzer. With zoom-able views, flexible curve assignment, dynamic EQ, sonic fingerprinting, and psycho-acoustic banding options, SEQ-S is a powerful new tool and I’m only starting to grasp its full potential.

Nugen Audio SEQ-ST Stereo Match & Morph EQ is $149 MSRP, while SEQ-S Match & Morph (as review here) is $249 MSRP.