BURL Announces 'The Flight of the Mothership Tour'

At long last, after three years of plague and chaos, Burl Audio is taking the SOUL POWER to the people by embarking on THE FLIGHT OF THE MOTHERSHIP TOUR 2023.

These will be recording studio events where we record a band during the day and then demo the tracks in the evening. All are welcome to attend. There is no RSVP.

All events start at 6 PM with listenings at 7 PM to 8:30 PM and Q&A with Burl Audio founder, Rich Williams thereafter. Rich will be accompanied by recording engineer Chad Gordon who has worked on many Grammy nominated, multi-platinum albums during his tenure at Eastwest Studios, Hollywood.

These will be very controlled listening events where attendees will have a chance to listen to a multitrack A/B  between The B80 Mothership and Avid IO or Matrix IO (depending on the event). We will be recording a full  band with mic pre splits going to both sets of converters. The multitrack playback from both sets of converters will go through a switch box that then feeds either an API, classic Neve or Rupert Neve Designs console (studio dependent). We will then work up a mix where listeners can sit in the sweet spot and control the A/B themselves.

These are always very revealing listenings, showing the strengths of The B80 Mothership in a real world music production environment. Hearing is believing.