DIY Spotlight: Rainne

Rainne is a dark and bold alt-pop duo comprised of Annie Dingwall and Justin Klunk. Both classically trained from USC’s Thornton School of Music, Dingwall specializes in singing and songwriting whereas Klunk is a master saxophonist/engineer. Leading the way in experimenting with an edgy pop sound, they embrace the dark and twisted landscape of pop music. 

In terms of their name, Annie explains, “We wanted something that reflected the darker, brooding, moody aggressive music that we make, a lot of people like rain. It’s not always necessarily in a negative context.” 

Both artists found success doing separate ventures before partnering together to form Rainne. Dingwall was a singer-songwriter earning syncs on American Crime, The Doctors, and Nude, while Klunk toured as a saxophonist for Ariana Grande, Lindsey Stirling, Tommy Page, and Saint Motel.

In search of something new and exciting, Dingwall decided to reach out to Klunk. “I was in the middle of a three-month run with Saint Motel. We were opening for Panic! At The Disco, and Annie just called me in the middle of the tour and was like ‘Hey Justin, I have this crazy idea. Do you want to become a band?” he recalls.

Rainne recently released their second and newest single, “Psycho Killer.” The single consists of a heavy bass line, powerful vocals, and a melodious bridge. It dives deep into a lover’s passion gone too far with a dark and captivating sound all the while maintaining their catchy pop melodies.

    To keep up with the duo’s future releases and tour announcements, visit weRAINNE.com