Chuck D, Fiona Bloom, Suzanne Paulinski, Ace Patterson and Corbett Redford Join Advisory Board for CoMuse’s Emotional Intelligence Community

CoMuse, the groundbreaking community platform fostering creative excellence through emotional intelligence and founded by executive coach and music and entertainment veteran LJ Malberg, proudly announces the appointment of five distinguished luminaries to its Advisory Board. This esteemed group of leaders brings a wealth of experience and insight to guide CoMuse's development and strategic direction.

Joining the Advisory Board are:

1. Chuck D, frontman for Public Enemy, and Rap ARTivist – “This century, gadgets have connected human beings beyond the boundaries of government and religion. Culture is the threaded common language. CoMuse is a beacon for this growing community energy. Being a part of this essential movement is a no brainer for me to teach AND learn. What better time than now?”

2. Fiona Bloom, publicist and founder of The Bloom Effect – “I’ve always lived a life of compassion, whether through personal relationships or in business.

When LJ told me about the desire to build a global platform using the right tools and best practices, alongside coaching and guidance in emotional intelligence, I thought: How genius! On top of that, being membership-driven and growing a community to provide the workplace a healthier and brighter environment, what’s not to love?"

3. Suzanne Paulinski, founder of The Rock / Star Advocate–“I am truly honored to join the Advisory Board of CoMuse. I have long been a fan of the work founder LJ Malberg has done to improve the mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and intentional communication of creative professionals. I look forward to contributing to an even brighter future for this company.”

4. Ace Patterson, CEO of 5 Mics & Former Head of Community at YouTube – "As a music artist myself, what LJ is building with CoMuse speaks to me personally as she focuses on ensuring that artists focus on developing and nurturing their soul, not just their craft. Because nurturing the soul not only enhances the craft - it enhances your life. Oftentimes, the music industry views musicians like cattle who are only valuable for as much milk as can be squeezed out of them. Actual resources for mental health and wellbeing specifically for music artists still feel so scarce today, and in the age of the AI-charged algorithm, artists are especially pressured to pump out as much content as (in)humanly possible in order to fight for fleeting attention."

5. Corbett Redford, film director, actor and musician –"As an artist navigating the film and music industry for over 30 years, I have always searched to find a network like CoMuse, a mindful & compassionate community that values the well-being of its denizens. Being a part of the CoMuse Advisory Board gives me a unique opportunity to share tools and cultivate support for creatives who, like myself, are also seeking refuge in an industry that can often feel like a storm. I am excited to join the CoMuse family!" 

CoMuse is a revolutionary platform that leverages the power of emotional intelligence to foster collaboration, confidence, growth, and well-being for creative entrepreneurs. The community experience empowers creatives to thrive in their personal and professional endeavors. Through their membership, Comuses have the unique opportunity to tap into increased confidence and resilience, mindful networking and connections, career and job transition support, mental health and wellbeing, interpersonal communication practice, and more creative and impactful work.

Access CoMuse by visiting comuse.work.